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NordVPN Review - Honest Review

EDIT: Nord is having a 75% off sale AND All plans have 30-day money-back guarantee You can claim that deal by using our special link! @
NordVPN has been growing at a very fast pace since launching in 2012, and it’s now one of the largest VPN services on the market with over 12 million customers worldwide (according to NordVPN themselves).
NordVPN has grown so much that it now claims to be the “best VPN service provider of 2019” but we all know that’s easier said than done, right?
We needed to understand how good NordVPN really is and answer questions our readers have been asking us:
But before we dive into it, let's take a quick look at NordVPN’s pros and cons:
Works with
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting, Kodi
Available on
Windows Mac Ios Android Linux Price from
Still, want to know more about NordVPN and whether it’s the right VPN for you?
We’ve carefully tested every single NordVPN app so you can rest assured that we left no stone unturned.
Without further ado, let's get right into this review starting with NordVPN’s speed.
Speed & Reliability Very fast speeds across the world
NordVPN is a very fast VPN – as long as you connect to nearby VPN servers.
It’s not the fastest VPN there is (these VPNs are currently faster), but NordVPN is still very quick and you won’t experience any speed issues.
Both same-country (UK server to UK server) download and upload speeds are impressive, with minimal internet slowdown (around a 5-6% drop from our normal internet speeds).
This makes NordVPN a very good choice for both streaming fans and torrenters.
Speed results from our physical location in London (100Mbps fibre optic connection) to a London test server.
Before using NordVPN:
DOWNLOAD Mbps 94.83
UPLOAD Mbps 91.8
PING ms 3
When connected to NordVPN:
DOWNLOAD Mbps 90.51
UPLOAD Mbps 86.28
PING ms 5
Download speed without NordVPN: 94.83Mbps
Download speed with NordVPN: 90.51Mbps
Our download speed loss when NordVPN is running: 5%
As you can see, NordVPN registered very impressive speeds when we connected to a nearby VPN server. It’s less impressive – but still very usable – over long-distance connections, though.
Here are the average download and upload speeds connecting out from the UK to NordVPN’s servers:
USA: 47Mbps (download) & 48Mbps (upload) Germany: 78Mbps (download) & 77Mbps (upload) Singapore: 17Mbps (download) & 6Mbps (upload) Australia: 22Mbps (download) & 3Mbps (upload) Ping times are also fairly low on most of NordVPN’s servers, which is good for gaming although there are better VPNs available to gamers.
Server Locations Over 5,600 VPN servers spread across 60 countries worldwide
Globe with a blue flag 60 Countries Image of a city landscape 90+ Cities Image of a pink marker 5,600+ IP Addresses See all Server Locations NordVPN’s server list covers 60 countries – it isn’t the widest VPN server range we’ve seen, but it should almost certainly ensure there is a server located near you.
Screenshot of NordVPN Server List in App
NordVPN provides a whopping 5,600 VPN servers, none of which are virtual, with each server given a static IP address. This is the highest number of VPN servers provided by a top VPN service, which is impressive. Even better, NordVPN owns all of the servers in its network.
NordVPN’s server network covers all of the popular server locations such as the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada, as well as less common locations including Argentina, Egypt, and Albania.
NordVPN provides city-level server choices in five different countries, too:
Australia (five locations, 200+ servers) Canada (three locations, 400+ servers) Germany (two locations, 200+ servers) India (two locations, 20+ servers) The US (20 locations, 1,800+ servers) NordVPN used to offer city-level choice in the UK (London and Manchester) but recently removed the Manchester VPN servers as “their performance was lacking.” NordVPN have added even more servers in London in order to ensure the best speeds for those located in the UK.
Streaming & Torrenting An excellent choice for streaming & torrenting
Thanks to its SmartPlay technology, NordVPN consistently works with popular streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
To watch Netflix, simply click on the US or UK VPN country server and the NordVPN app will automatically find the best option for you.
NordVPN also unlocks loads more Netflix libraries, including Canada, Japan, France, Italy, and Germany.
Not all of NordVPN’s UK servers provide access to BBC iPlayer, but a quick message to live chat will let you know which ones are currently working.
That will save you the trial-and-error of testing out all of NordVPN’s hundreds of UK servers. This is a big plus, as many other VPN providers can’t unlock BBC iPlayer.
Unrestricted access to streaming services doesn’t stop there. Many of NordVPN’s customers use the VPN service to stream:
Amazon Prime Video Hulu HBO Sling TV Sky Now TV Torrenting Torrenting (and other P2P traffic) isn’t allowed on every single NordVPN server, but there’s still more than enough server choice to keep torrenters and Kodi streamers happy.
You can torrent while connected to almost every country on NordVPN’s server list – these are listed under ‘Speciality Servers’ within in the app settings.
However, the following countries do not permit P2P:
Argentina Costa Rica Chile Cyrpus Egypt Georgia Indonesia Malaysia South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Ukraine United Arab Emirates If you attempt to torrent while connected to a VPN server that doesn’t support P2P NordVPN will simply re-route your traffic through a dedicated server located in either Canada or the Netherlands.
With plenty of added security features – such as its VPN kill switch – and a no-logs policy, NordVPN is without a doubt one of the safest VPNs for torrenting. Fast uploads and downloads make it a great choice too.
Bypassing Censorship Obfuscated VPN servers work in China intermittently
Since the VPN crackdown in China, NordVPN has become a little less reliable for residents or visitors in China, but it’s still a pretty good choice of VPN.
Users have reported that NordVPN’s obfuscated servers often bypass the Chinese censors, but others have experienced difficulties connecting to them.
NordVPN’s obfuscated servers are spread out fairly evenly, with options in North America, North Africa, Asia, and Europe, so you shouldn’t be too far away from one.
There are no obfuscated VPN servers available on the NordVPN iOS app, though, so iPhone users may struggle to connect from China without some manual configuration.
See our latest VPN recommendations if you’re looking for a reliable VPN for China, or you can read our ExpressVPN review or our VyprVPN review, two of our top choices.
That’s just China, though – in other high censorship countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia NordVPN remains a solid VPN choice to bypass censorship.
Platforms & Devices Protect all your devices with a wide range of custom VPN apps
Apps Windows Logo Windows Mac Logo Mac iOS Logo iOS Android Logo Android Linux Logo Linux Router Logo Router NordVPN has simple native VPN apps for all major operating systems:
Windows macOS iOS Android Linux (yes, even Linux) If your device is not compatible with the custom apps above, you can also install NordVPN on your router.
What’s more, you can use NordVPN on up to six devices at the same time using just one VPN subscription, which is one of the highest allowances we’ve seen.
Games Consoles & Streaming Devices AppleTV Logo AppleTV Amazon Fire TV Logo Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Logo Chromecast Nintendo Logo Nintendo PlayStation Logo PlayStation Roku Logo Roku Xbox Logo Xbox NordVPN has an Android TV app, meaning you can use the VPN app with streaming devices such as Android TV and the Amazon Fire TV Stick without any manual configuration.
In fact, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for the Fire TV although it is not our top recommendation. If you own a Firestick and want to use a VPN app with it, take a look at our roundup of the best VPNs for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
If you want to run NordVPN on your other streaming devices or games consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, though, you’ll need to install it at router level. It’s not too difficult and it means that all devices connected to the router will be protected.
Browser Extensions Chrome Logo Chrome Firefox Logo Firefox NordVPN provides VPN extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
These VPN add-ons encrypt your browser traffic, but protection ends there so we always suggest using NordVPN’s extensions in conjunction with the main VPN application or client.
The extensions also have an in-built WebRTC leak blocker, which is an extremely useful bonus.
NordVPN doesn’t yet have VPN extensions for Safari or Opera browsers.
Encryption & Security Secure VPN with advanced features but lacking protocol flexibility
Protocol IKEv2/IPSec
Encryption AES-256
Security DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
Supports TCP Port 443
VPN Kill Switch
WebRTC Leak Blocking
Advanced features Double VPN
TOR via VPN Server
Please see our VPN Glossary if these terms confuse you and would like to learn more.
NordVPN has only one choice of VPN protocol by default, but it’s our personal favourite: OpenVPN. The iOS and macOS apps (available to download directly from the Apple App Store) run on IKEv2, though.
OpenVPN provides the perfect blend of speed and security. It encrypts all your internet traffic using the ‘unhackable’ AES-256 cypher.
Screenshot of NordVPN Settings Menu in App
You can also use IKEv2 with NordVPN’s Windows and Android apps if you like, but it requires an extra download and a lot of advanced setup (manual configuration).
The VPN kill switch feature protects your IP address in the event of a connection drop, and NordVPN’s privately owned and operated DNS servers ensure end-to-end protection.
NordVPN provides Double VPN (multi-hop) and Tor over VPN (Onion over VPN) for extra encryption.
As with all the VPN providers we review, we carried out extensive testing to find IP and DNS leaks when using NordVPN and we are happy to report that we found no leaks whatsoever.
Screenshot of test results for NordVPN Leak test results on while connected to a NordVPN US server. We test from the UK.
NordVPN has recently released a new technology for Linux users called NordLynx that’s based on the WireGuard VPN protocol.
WireGuard is a new VPN protocol that aims to be faster and more secure than the current standards, but it’s still in development so should be considered experimental at this point.
Logging Policy No-logs VPN in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction
NordVPN doesn’t log your traffic or store any user logs, making it a safe and trustworthy VPN.
Here’s a comprehensive list of all the information it does collect:
Server loads That is the full extent of the information NordVPN collects, making it a true no-logs VPN. Server loads are monitored to maintain the optimal performance of VPN servers for users, and nothing else.
Your privacy is upheld above all else, and NordVPN absolutely will not sell your personal data to any third parties.
Jurisdiction NordVPN was founded in 2012 is operated by Tefincom & Co S.A. which is headquartered under the legal jurisdiction of Panama, putting it beyond the reach of US and EU data retention laws.
Panama does not require VPN companies to store or report any of their data, nor is it part of any agreements that compel it to share information with other countries.
Being based in Panama gives NordVPN the power to deny any third-party data requests, so there is absolutely no way that any of your online activity can be traced back to you.
In 2018, NordVPN came under some heat as it was accused of not being headquartered in Panama. The reason for the controversy is that when you purchased NordVPN on Google Play Store, at the time the Seller of NordVPN was listed as CloudVPN INC. (a company registered in the US), and not Tefincom & Co S.A.
It turns out that CloudVPN INC. is a payment processor and NordVPN was simply using it to handle payments, similarly to how other VPN providers use payment processing companies to manage these type of transactions.
Ease of Use Quick and easy setup with simple custom apps
How to Install & Set Up NordVPN Screenshot of NordVPN Download Button Downloading the software is as simple as going to Nord's website and clicking the download button for the appropriate platform.
Screenshot of NordVPN Installation Progress You can check the progress of your installation here, which usually only takes a couple of minutes at most.
Screenshot of NordVPN App Login Screen Once the software is installed, all that's left to do is log into the app and you're ready to go.
Screenshot of NordVPN Desktop App Main Screen The main NordVPN app view with server locations to the left, which are also presented as pins on the map.
Screenshot of NordVPN Specialty Servers On the left-hand side of the app, you can see the full list of server locations and speciality servers for P2P, Double VPN, etc.
Screenshot of NordVPN City-Level Servers Hover over a country name and click on the three horizontal dots that appear in order to select a city-level server.
Screenshot of NordVPN Connected Screen You will know when NordVPN is working because the server location you are connected to and your new IP address will be displayed at the bottom of the app.
Screenshot of NordVPN General App Settings You can find the general settings by clicking 'Settings' at the top of the app. These consist of simple toggles for general settings, including the VPN kill switch.
Screenshot of NordVPN Advanced App Settings Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu to find the advanced options. After confirming that you know what you're doing, you can toggle between TCP/UDP and use obfuscated servers.
The NordVPN website has comprehensive VPN setup guides for whatever platform you happen to be using, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever need them.
All of NordVPN’s custom VPN apps run smoothly and are almost entirely self-explanatory.
If you want to play around with advanced settings then you’re welcome to do that too – they’re clearly labelled and the app even warns you not to do so unless you know what you’re doing.
Browser Extensions Screenshot of NordVPN Chrome Extension
It couldn’t be much easier to set up NordVPN’s browser extensions – just go to the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox store and download the add-on to your browser.
Once you’ve logged on you can choose a server and connect. We’d recommend enabling ‘Block WebRTC’ from the settings menu to prevent any potential IP leaks.
Customer Support Helpful live chat support & useful online resources
24/7 Live chat support Online Resources NordVPN provides excellent quality customer support both through its extensive knowledge base and via online live chat.
Email support isn’t as good and we’ve found responses to be slow at times. There is really no reason to email customer support, though, as NordVPN’s live chat service is 24/7.
Encounter any issues? NordVPN running slow, perhaps? No problem – support agents respond quickly and are extremely friendly and helpful, managing to fix most of our VPN issues within a couple of minutes.
NordVPN’s troubleshooting guides are very useful, too, covering a variety of potential VPN issues and providing a range of possible solutions.
Pricing & Deals Fantastic value for money on longer plans
NordVPN Coupon NordVPN logo NordVPN
Get 58% off NordVPN's 12-month plan
TestedEnds 1 Sep Get Code10 Terms NordVPN Pricing Plan NordVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market, and it’s not very expensive at all. Also, every NordVPN price plan offers exactly the same VPN features.
NordVPN costs a fairly pricey $11.95 if you pay month-by-month, but the price drops by almost half to $6.99 a month for annual plans.
For the biggest savings, NordVPN’s three-year special deal costs just $2.99 per month, a saving of 75%.
Billed $11.95 every month 12 Months
Billed $83.88 every 12 months Save 41% 2 Years
Billed $95.75 every 2 years Save 66% 3 Years
Billed $107.55 every 3 years Save 75% All plans have 30-day money-back guarantee This is the best option available, $107 for 3 years coverage is unbeatable in the VPN sector. You can claim that deal by using our special link! @ Payment & Refund Options NordVPN accepts a few different payment options, but it recently made the decision to stop accepting PayPal. The VPN service now uses Adyen for credit card payments, which it claims offers a greater level of privacy for customers due to its self-contained nature.
Here are the accepted payment methods, which include some cryptocurrencies for those seeking higher levels of privacy:
Credit and debit cards Direct debit Amazon Pay Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Alipay UnionPay
NordVPN no longer comes with a free VPN trial, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
You can cancel your NordVPN subscription within 30 days by contacting the customer support team through live chat. You will have to go through a troubleshooting process first, but the refund should be processed within 10 business days.
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so another biggie on the market starting to fail,i come and join the biggest on the market that actually works and only $4.50 a month .dont be put of by my LOW prices gram a free test to check it out

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PrivateVPN Review - A real shocker

PrivateVPN doesn’t shy away from talking itself up on its website. It makes a whole bunch of bold claims, such as it being the “fastest growing VPN worldwide”.
PrivateVPN also promises to “unlock anything, protect everything” – that’s just what we like to see from a VPN service, but can it possibly deliver on such strong claims?
We put PrivateVPN to the test hoping to answer that question, plus:
Does PrivateVPN work with Netflix? Where is PrivateVPN located? Does PrivateVPN work in China? What is Stealth VPN? And, of course, is PrivateVPN any good? Our unbiased and in-depth review will explain all, but if you’re in a rush you can find our key takeaways just below. Pros Consistently fast speeds No logging & no IP, DNS & WebRTC leaks Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more Torrenting/P2P allowed on all VPN servers Choose from VPN servers in 59 countries User-friendly apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android Cons Small number of individual VPN servers No browser VPN extensions No native app for Linux Live chat not always available Works with
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting, Kodi
Available on
Windows Mac Ios Android Linux Price from
PrivateVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market, there’s no doubt about it. It’s fast, safe and tantalizingly cheap – but it’s not without its flaws. Read on to find out just what to look out for.
Speed & Reliability Very fast speeds across the server network
PrivateVPN provides consistently fast speeds across its VPN server network. Reliably quick uploads and downloads are ideal for both secure torrenting and buffer-free streaming.
Connecting to a same-country server (UK to UK), PrivateVPN only slowed our internet connection down by about 7%.
PrivateVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available – if speed is what you want then it’s a serious contender.
Speed results from our physical location in London (100Mbps fibre optic connection) to a London test server.
Before using PrivateVPN:
DOWNLOAD Mbps 92.94
UPLOAD Mbps 97.54
PING ms 3
When connected to PrivateVPN:
DOWNLOAD Mbps 86.7
UPLOAD Mbps 88.94
PING ms 5
Download speed without PrivateVPN: 92.94Mbps
Download speed with PrivateVPN: 86.70Mbps
Our download speed loss when PrivateVPN is running: 7%
Ping times are low (great for gamers) and upload speeds are high (great for torrenters).
Even across international connections, such as the UK to the US, PrivateVPN is pretty speedy – you’ll be able to do pretty much anything online without breaking a sweat.
Take a look at the average download and upload speeds we recorded connecting out from the UK to PrivateVPN’s servers:
USA: 63Mbps (download) & 25Mbps (upload) Germany: 86Mbps (download) & 56Mbps (upload) Singapore: 32Mbps (download) & 15Mbps (upload) Australia: 18Mbps (download) & 13Mbps (upload) Server Locations Just 150 VPN servers cover 59 countries
Globe with a blue flag 59 Countries Image of a city landscape 75 Cities Image of a pink marker 7,000+ IP Addresses See all Server Locations PrivateVPN’s array of locations (59 countries) and VPN servers is nowhere near the highest we’ve seen, but it’s not as poor as it may first look.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN's beta server list
PrivateVPN offers more than 7,000 individual IP addresses so, despite maintaining just the 150 or so VPN servers, you shouldn’t have to worry about facing congestion or slowdown.
Those 150 VPN servers also do a pretty good job of providing worldwide coverage. There are servers in popular locations like the US, Canada, Australia, and loads of countries in Western Europe, but PrivateVPN also provides plenty of choice in South America and Asia-Pacific.
Those in South and Central America can connect to VPN servers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.
While Asia has VPN servers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates.
Disappointingly, Africa is covered by South Africa alone.
PrivateVPN provides city-level choice in eight countries, which is great for experiencing the best speeds:
Australia (2) Canada (2) India (2) Italy (2) Sweden (3) the UK (2) Ukraine (2) the US (9) PrivateVPN uses a mix of physical servers and virtual servers. It owns some of its servers and leases others. While this isn’t ideal, PrivateVPN ensures that those leased servers are not keeping user logs by setting them up themselves and monitoring the servers remotely.
Streaming & Torrenting Works reliably with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more
PrivateVPN is one of the absolute best VPNs for streaming.
PrivateVPN makes streaming easy by organizing its locations list into servers optimized for accessing certain streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
PrivateVPN also has dedicated VPN servers for 18 other streaming channels including:
Amazon Prime ESPN HBO Hulu Sky Torrenting PrivateVPN is a great VPN for torrenting, with P2P allowed on all servers, but there are special servers in 17 countries optimized for that purpose too. You can find these servers under ‘Dedicated IP/Torrent’ within the ‘By Service’ servers list.
PrivateVPN is one of the safest choices for torrenting due to its no-logs policy, host of security features, and fast uploads and downloads.
PrivateVPN is ideal for Kodi, too.
Bypassing Censorship Works reliably in China thanks to Stealth VPN protocol
PrivateVPN is a good VPN for China.
Its advanced privacy tools and Stealth VPN protocol, which hides the fact you’re using a VPN, meaning that PrivateVPN is one of our most reliable VPN choices for China – or for bypassing censorship in any other country, for that matter.
Thanks to the Stealth VPN feature, you can use PrivateVPN in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey too. With plenty of servers in Asia, speeds should remain fast.
PrivateVPN also provides Tor over VPN if you’re looking for an extra layer of security.
Platforms & Devices Simple custom VPN apps for the main platforms
Apps Windows Logo Windows Mac Logo Mac iOS Logo iOS Android Logo Android Linux Logo Linux Router Logo Router PrivateVPN has custom VPN apps for the most popular platforms, including:
Microsoft Windows Apple MacOS iOS Android For any other platforms, like Linux, there are plenty of manual setup guides online to help you through it.
You can connect up to six devices at the same time, which makes PrivateVPN a good choice for those who want to protect not only their devices but their family’s too.
Games Consoles & Streaming Devices AppleTV Logo AppleTV Amazon Fire TV Logo Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Logo Chromecast Nintendo Logo Nintendo PlayStation Logo PlayStation Roku Logo Roku Xbox Logo Xbox On top of custom apps for the four most popular platforms, PrivateVPN provides solutions for smart TVs too.
PrivateVPN is one of very few providers to offer a dedicated VPN app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, meaning all you have to do is download the app from the store and you’re ready to go.
In order to protect games consoles or any other streaming device, you’ll need to connect them to a configured router or another device running the PrivateVPN app, such as a laptop or smartphone.
Browser Extensions Unlike the majority of our other top-ranking VPNs, PrivateVPN has no browser extensions. This means that there are no add-ons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.
ExpressVPN, for example, provides full-featured VPN extensions for the most popular web browsers. VPN browsers tend to come with added WebRTC leak protection, but thankfully we didn’t experience any leaks during our PrivateVPN tests.
Encryption & Security Very secure VPN with plenty of configurable options
Protocol IKEv2/IPSec
Encryption AES-256
Security DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
IPV6 Leak Blocking
Supports TCP Port 443
VPN Kill Switch
Advanced features SOCKS
TOR via VPN Server
Please see our VPN Glossary if these terms confuse you and would like to learn more.
It’s not just a name – PrivateVPN really is a truly secure and safe VPN, with lots of advanced features in place to make sure your data and browsing habits are kept as private as possible.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Settings Menu in App
PrivateVPN provides near-uncrackable AES-256 encryption, the OpenVPN protocol – our personal favorite, and DNS servers operated by PrivateVPN so that your traffic doesn’t take any unexpected diversions.
You can choose to connect using other VPN protocols (PPTP and L2TP) but we don’t recommend them as they don’t provide the same level of security. In fact, PPTP is unsafe to use.
PrivateVPN has a VPN kill switch for Windows to keep you safe if your connection drops, but it’s missing for MacOS and mobile devices, which is disappointing.
Our thorough VPN testing detected no DNS or IPv6 leaks, and you can also use Tor over VPN or TCP Port 443 for even greater security.
Screenshot of leak test results for PrivateVPN PrivateVPN test results while connected to a US server. We test from the UK.
Logging Policy Strict zero-logging policy mitigates EU jurisdiction
A VPN can’t truly be private unless it has a top-notch, robust logging policy. PrivateVPN claims that it “doesn’t collect or log any traffic or use of its service.”
That’s great – unfortunately, that one quote is also the full extent of it. We’d like the privacy policy to explicitly say that it doesn’t log DNS requests, connection timestamps, or IP addresses, but thankfully a support agent confirmed that PrivateVPN doesn’t collect this data.
Ultimately, we trust PrivateVPN to keep you safe, and you should too, but ideally we look for a little more information and clarification in a privacy policy, just for peace of mind.
Jurisdiction PrivateVPN was founded in 2009 and is owned by Privat Kommunikation AB, which operates under the jurisdiction of Sweden, making it subject to EU data retention laws and intelligence-sharing agreements.
However, PrivateVPN’s zero-logs policy means that even if it was asked to comply with any type of investigation, it doesn’t have any information about its VPN subscribers to give to the authorities, so there’s nothing for users to worry about.
Ease of Use Simple setup and user-friendly custom apps
How to Install & Set Up PrivateVPN Screenshot of PrivateVPN Download Button Go to the downloads section of the PrivateVPN website to begin the installation process.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Terms and Conditions You have to accept PrivateVPN's terms and conditions before you can install the software.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Installation Wizard Once you've accepted the terms, the VPN installation wizard will let you know once the installation is complete.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Completed Installation When the software has been installed, you'll be prompted to restart your machine before you can use the VPN.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Desktop App Main Screen The desktop VPN client is uncluttered and user-friendly, displaying your new IP address and chosen server location.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN's server list PrivateVPN's server list is arranged in alphabetical order by country name and displays the city name too.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN's streaming servers PrivateVPN makes streaming your favorite shows easy with a list of dedicated VPN servers.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Protocol Selection You can choose which VPN protocol you want to connect with, but OpenVPN is the default setting.
Screenshot of PrivateVPN Connection Guard The VPN connection guard tab allows you to toggle on/off features such as the kill switch and DNS leak blocking.
Downloading and installing PrivateVPN is incredibly easy and takes only a matter of minutes. There are step-by-step installation guides for loads of popular devices on the website if you need help.
PrivateVPN’s minimalist VPN apps do a great job of keeping things simple while simultaneously showcasing its more advanced features.
The desktop and mobile PrivateVPN apps are very similar in appearance, and everything is clearly labeled and accessible – although mobile users should beware that the Android and iOS versions are missing the kill switch.
PrivateVPN’s apps don’t provide integrated support, either, so newbies or those looking for assistance will need to head online for help.
Customer Support Useful online resources but live chat is inconsistent
Live chat Support Online Resources PrivateVPN does have a live chat help feature on its website, but it’s not available 24/7, which is less than ideal.
The chat box is either red or green depending on whether or not it’s available – there doesn’t seem to be any way to predict exactly when that will or won’t be. When it’s unavailable PrivateVPN brings up an online form instead.
Email replies to the online form are fairly quick, and the support agents are very knowledgable and friendly.
Even if the live chat isn’t active when you need it, PrivateVPN’s online resources and FAQs should be able to see you through most issues.
Pricing & Deals Super cheap VPN, especially on 15-month plan
PrivateVPN Coupon PrivateVPN logo PrivateVPN
Get 73% off with PrivateVPN's 15-month plan
TestedEnds 28 Aug Get CodeED Terms PrivateVPN Pricing Plan PrivateVPN is affordable with a sizable 73% saving available when taking out a 15-month plan. $2.88 per month for the duration is an extremely enticing price for a service the quality of PrivateVPN.
There are also shorter plans available, but these work out to be more expensive on a monthly basis.
Billed $10.95 for the first month Save 35% 3 Months
Billed $12.60 for the first 3 months Save 61% 15 Months
Billed $43.20 for the first 15 months Save 73% All plans have 30-day money-back guarantee
Payment & Refund Options Credit Card PayPal Bitcoin PrivateVPN accepts a fairly limited number of payment methods, but there is an option to pay in cryptocurrency for a higher level of privacy:
Major credit and debit cards PayPal Bitcoin PrivateVPN offers a seven-day free trial completely risk-free. You don’t need to provide any payment details, just an email address, and you’ll have full access to the service for a week.
There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee for all users, and the only conditional is that you use less than 100GB of data in the period.
You will need to provide a reason for asking for your money back, but all refunds are processed within five business days of them being requested if you have second thoughts.
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Numerical and A-C 5k-10k

1000thworldproblems 1000words 1022 10cloverfieldlane 1P_LSD 1star 240sx 29er 2anime_irl4anime_irl 2busty 2cb 2juicy4bones 2mad42mad4madlads 2spooky4me 300BLK 350z 3dcoin 3DMA 3dprinter 3Dprintmything 3DScanning 3FrameMovies 3gun 3kliksphilip 40krpg 40something 420 4amShower 4kTV 501st 52in52 52weeksofbaking 600euro 60daysin 60fpsGamingGifs 60sMusic 70smusic 7dollardinners 7kglobal 80sfastfood 911Calls 911dispatchers 99percentinvisible 9anime

aaaaaatheismmmmmmmmmm aafb AatroxMains abandonware AbletonRacks abortion AboveandBeyond AbstractArt AbstractPhotos Absurdism abuse AbuseInterrupted abusiverelationships AbyssRium academia academiceconomics Acadiana acappella AccidentalGreenhouses accidentalitalian AccidentalSlap accidjental accountinghumor Acid ACK aclfestival AcousticCovers AcousticGuitar ACQR acrophobia ActiveMeasures activism ActualHippies Acura Adam_fkn_Ellis_again AdamCarolla AdeptusMechanicus AdiposeAmigos Adirondacks admincraft AdmiralCloudberg adoptareddit AdorableArt AdRealm AdrianaLima AdultChildren adultsurvivors AdvancedBackpacking adventofcode adventuregames adventuremobile AdventureTheory adwords aeiou Aeon Aerials AeroPress Aeternity AEWOfficial AffiliateMarket affirmations AfricaByTotoMemes aftergifted agentcarter AgeofMythology aggretsuko agi agora Agoraphobia Agorism AHatInTime aiclass aikido AirBrawl AirCraftPorn aircrashinvestigation airdrops airfryer airguns airsoftcirclejerk AjaxAmsterdam akita AlanPartridge AlaskanMalamute Albany Albumoftheday AlchemistCodeGL AlejandraTrevino AlessandraAmbrosio Alexa_Skills AlexaBliss alexandria alexjones AlfaRomeo alicematos Alicia_Vikander Alien_Theory alienisolation alinity allaccessplaylists Allergies AlliedHQ AllisonStokke alltheleft AlmostAHero almostperfectloops Alot alphaandbetausers AlpharadTV alrightfrienddumbass altcoin_news altcoinforum AltcoinsForum altcomix altcountry AltJ altnewz altrap Aly_Michalka AlysonHannigan AmateurEarthPorn amathenedit amazfit amazingoffbrands amazondealsus AmazonFlexDrivers AmazonMerch AmazonSeller Amber_Rose AmberGianna amberheard ambient ambrosus AMCsAList American_History americancrimestory AmericanHistory AmericanPolitics AmericanVandal amex AMG amiga amihot AmiiboCanada amiiboSwap amiwrong Amry AmsterdamEnts AnaMains anarchocommunism anarchy Anatomy AncestryDNA anchorage Ancient_History_Memes AncientCoins AncientGreek Ancientknowledge AncientWorld ancientworldproblems AndersonPaak andnowmyrewatchbegins androgyny androidafterlife AndroidIsBeautiful AndroidPreviews androidroot androidtablets androidwatchfaces Andromeda321 ANGEL AngieGriffin ani_bm ANI_COMMUNISM AnimalBehavior AnimalBloopers AnimalCrossingNewLeaf AnimalGIFs AnimalHeists animalid Animals_Playing AnimalsBeingAnimals AnimalsBeingFunny AnimalsBeingHappy AnimalsBeingPolite AnimalsBeingScared AnimalsBeingSmart AnimalSnoots AnimalsWhoYell AnimalTantrums animationcareer Anime_Art AnimeCalendar AnimeDeals AnimeFaggotGifs animegirlsdabbing AnimeThemes AnimeVectorWallpapers Animoments AnnaNystrom annasophiarobb AnnePro AnomaliesUnleashed AnotherEdenGlobal antarctica AntarcticAnomalies AnthonyBourdain anthro antidepressants AntiFacebook antifeminists antiforensics Antiquememes antisocialsocialclub Antitheism AntiTrumpAlliance antivaccine antiwar antkeeping ANTM ants anYme aoe3 aoe4 AORAglobal Apandah ApartmentDesign apatheism aperfectcircle ApexConsole APEXtoken apexuniversity Aphantasia apink ApksApps Apocalypse ApocalypseRising apod ApolloTV appetizers AppIdeas applesucks AppleWatchFitness APUSH AquaJail AquaSama AQW arabic araragigirls arcade Ardor arewerolling AreYouTheOne ARGsociety ariheads Ark_PS4_Community ARKbuyandsell arkhamhorrorlcg arma3 ArmedBirds armenia ArmsandArmor ArnoldSchwarzenegger aromantic ArsenalFC artdocumentaries artillerymemes Artisan ArtisanBread ArtisanGifts ArtProgressPics artshub ArtSphere arttheory arumba07 asaprocky AsbestosRemovalMemes ASCII_Archive AshesofCreation Ashley_Tisdale AshleyBenson AshleyGreene ashtanga AshVsEvilDead AsianAndy AsianBeautyAdvice asiantwoX Ask_Lawyers askaconservative AskACountry AskALiberal askashittyphilosopher AskBattlestations AskBibleScholars askcarguys AskDoctorSmeeee askfuneraldirectors AskGaybrosOver30 AskGayMen asklatinamerica AskLE asklinguistics askmath AskMenAdvice askMRP AskNOLA askportland asktrees asm Asmongold asoiafreread AsOldAsTheInternet assassincreed assignedmale Asthma Astolfo astoria Astrobiology ASUS ATC AtelierHeidi atheist atheistparents atheistvids Athens athiesm atlbeer atletico atljobs atlus AttachmentParenting ATV atx4atx Atypical auburn audiojerk audiomeditation AudioProductionDeals Augur auntydonna Aurelion_Sol_mains AuroraOfficial ausents AusLegal AusMemes AusSkincare ausstocks AustinBeer AustinClassifieds austinfood austinjobs AustralianMFA auto Autobody AutoCAD Autocross AutoHotkey automotivetraining AutoNewspaper avb ave avengersacademygame AveragePics avesNYC avfc AVGN aviationgifs avicii avorion AvPD Awesomenauts AwfulCommercials AWLIAS awoo awwcoholics awwnimate Axecraft AXNET ayearofwarandpeace azdiamondbacks azirmains AzzyLand

b210k B99Gifs Babushkats babyanimals babybeastgifs babyelephants babygoats babylon5 bachelorchef backpacker BackpackingDogs BackwoodsCreepy bad_religion badbandphotos badcompany2 BadDesigns BadEverything badjokes badminton BadMtgCombos badphotoshop badpsychology BadSocialScience badunitedkingdom BakaNewsJP bali ballistamemes Bamboozle_Insurance banana Bananimals Bancor Bandersnatch bandmembers baneposting Bangkok bangladesh bankingclanmemes BankTabs BannedFrom4chan BanPitBulls Baofeng bapccanada bapcsalesaustralia BaPCSalesEurope BarBattlestations barefoot BartardStories bartenderstories bartending barter baseballcards baseballcirclejerk bashonubuntuonwindows BasketballGM basketballjerseys basset BassGuitar basslessons basspedals BatesMotel bathbeer batman_comics batmangifs batonrouge BatshitBusDrivers Battalion1944 BattleBotsRaw BattleBrothers battlefront2 BattlefrontMemes battlegifs BattleNetwork battleshops battletech Baxov Bayonetta bboy BBWHookup bbystar1027 BeachHead2020 BeachHouse BeamNG bearapp bearclawnipplegifs BeardAdvice bearpuppers beats BeautyGuruDiscussion beautytalkph BeavisAndButthead beberexha BeckyG BecomingTheIceman beerandpizza beermoneyuk beerreleases beetle beetoken beforesandafters BeggingChoosers BehavioralMedicine BehaviorAnalysis beijing BELGICA bellahadid BelleDelphineLewds BendyAndTheInkMachine benfica bengalcats bennythebullgifs benshapiro BenShapiroMemes benshapiroshow berlinsocialclub BernTheConvention Berries Best_of_Crypto BestAliExpressFinds bestofbronze bestofhulu BestOfNoPolitics bestoftribunal BetterEveryBoop beyonce beyondskyrim BF_Hardline bicycleculture BicyclingCirclejerk bifl BIFLfails BigBoobsCosplay bigdata_analytics BigDataJobs biggreenegg biglittlelies bigmenfashionadvice BiGoneMild BigRoom bikebuilders BikeShop billsimmons billwurtz bioengineering Biohackers biologygifs biomememes Biophysics BioshockInfinite bioware BipolarSOs Birates birb bird birdsofprey BIRDTEAMS birthofasubreddit BisexualTeens bitchimatruck BitcoinAll BitcoinAUS BitcoinPrivate BitcoinSerious BitcoinUK bitfinex bitgogo BitplaceExchange BitShares Bittrex bjork blackandwhite blackbutler blackcoin blackholerevenge blackjack Blacklabs BlackLightning BlackLivesMatter BlackOps BlackoutBattleRoyale BlackPillScience BlackSails BlackScienceMan BlackwakeGame BlackWolfFeed BlameMillennials blenderhelp Bless Blessed_Images Blind blizzcon BlockchainStartups Blockport Bloggers Bloodstained bloomington bloopers bluesrock Blursedcomments BNBTrader BoardGameExchange BoardKings boardsofcanada boatbuilding bobanholdingthings Bobbers bodycam bodylanguage boeing Boingies BokuNoShipAcademia Bones BookCollecting bookdownloads Bookkeeping bookscirclejerk BoomerTears boopablenosies bootlegmtg Boots bootstrap Bootydrop bootyshorts BorderlinePDisorder bored bose bostonhousing BotsScrewingUp botwatch Bounty0x BountyICO Bowyer Boxers boxing_live_streaming boypussy braces brainlet Brampton BrasildoB braswap brave_browser bravelydefault Bravenewbies BravestWarriors bravia bravo_girls BrawlRecruit Brazil breadboard breakcore Breakfast BreakfastFood Breakinginthemiddle BreakUp BreeEssrig BreezeCoin BrendaSong bridgeporn brighton BringMeTheHorizon BritishLadyBoners BritishPolitics BritneySpears BrittneySmith broodwar brooklyndecker brown_dust browsers BruceSpringsteen Bruins brum BrunaLuccas Brunei brutalRejection bryanaholly_ BSA BuddyCrossing budgetdecks budgies bugs BugWars BulkDeals BulkOrCut bullcity BulletBarry BullTerrier burdurland burial burlington BurnNotice burstcoin businessanalysis butchlesbians buttsonbikes BuyCanadian buzzfeedbot ByfelsDisciple

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crystalgrowing CrystalWestbrooks CS_Questions cscareerquestionsEU CSGO_NadeTactics csgolounge csmapmakers cssbuy csuf CTLLRP cubancigars cuboulder CuckoldPsychology CuddlyKitties CulturalLayer cupcakes curiousplaces Curling cursedjojo CursedMinecraft CurseofStrahd CurvyCelebs curvygirls customization CustomKnifeMakers cuteguys CuttingShapes cyber_security cybermonday cyberpunk2077
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En busca del exito. Derrota la crisis

Lo peor que podemos hacer es aceptar las cosas tal y como están y aprender a sobrevivir en una realidad con la cual no estamos conforme.
Pensar que el éxito no es para nosotros sino para personas increíblemente preparadas; día a día sentimos que la vida que sentimos merecer, todo aquello que anhelamos se nos va.
Sin embargo, vemos como otras personas superan sus miedos, rompen barreras se arriesgan y hacen suyos los sueños que una vez fueron nuestros.
Esto me pasó a mí... Y seguramente si No a ti, conoces a alguien que está o estuvo en esta misma situación.
Hola, Mi nombre es Samuel y he tratado de ser un emprendedor en internet desde el año 2015 intenté muchas formas de ingresos con muy pocos resultados hasta ahora.
Mi problema radicó al igual que mucho emprendedores intenté ganar dinero en la internet con programas que prometen mucho, pero en realidad son una trampa como Gana dinero fácil, Retorno del 90%, dinero gratis, seamos consientes ¿Quién da dinero grátis?
Muchos de estos métodos realmente dejan muchos beneficios económicos a algunos y haciendo perder mucho dinero a otros ya que no tiene integrado valores como la Honestidad, Integridad, Transparencia y la Justicia. (Pay per click, Trading, y otros esquemas piramidales que encontré por la red)
En cambio otros que si me funcionaron sentí que eran muy desgastante como el dropshipping, mi novia y yo abrimos una tienda en Ebay y otra en Amazon, nos fue bastante bien, pero el canibalismo de precios es demasiado alto y la rentabilidad cada día se hace más pequeña así que trabajábamos demasiado para poder tener ingresos moderados y después de un tiempo decidimos dejarlo.
Al final de este arduo camino encontré dos métodos que realmente me han funcionado, pero quiero aclararles, no son métodos de hazte rico fácilmente o gana dinero fácil, sino métodos de visión, convicción, paciencia y disciplina.
La primera de ellas debes saber inglés o al menos inglés intermedio, se te facilita si tienes conocimientos o experiencia en marketing en redes sociales y mejor aún si tienes seguidores en canales como facebook, instagram, youtube u otras redes. Así que si eres un influencer, youtuber o tienes muchos fans, con esta oportunidad la puedes hacer fácilmente.
Las compensaciones por comisión de ventas son altas y es una oportunidad que todos los expertos en marketing o influencers de cualquier parte del mundo pueden aprovechar, además te dan 15 días de pruebas sin costo, sin necesidad de tarjetas de crédito u otra forma de pago.
Si deseas más información, nos gustaría que veas el siguiente video, sólo déjanos tu primer nombre y tu email aquí
La segunda opción y por la que más temor sentía, actualmente es con la que mejor me siento, para aprender este negocio no tienes que exponer tu dinero y eso es lo grandioso, una vez que te registras en la página te agregamos a grupos de WhatsApp y Telegram, puedes asistir los zoom o webinars en vivo donde podrás conocer nuestra comunidad.
En esta comunidad podrás interactuar con personas de diversas partes del mundo, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, México USA, etc, el objetivos es que aprendas del grupo, consultes, disipes tus dudas y si te convence y te sientes seguro entonces procedes a invertir, nadie te forzará a invertir, nadie te presionará para que lo hagas tú y sólo tú decides cuando es el momento ideal.
Requiere al menos una inversión mínima de $40, requiere tener una visión de mediano plazo para lograr ingresos increibles.
Regístrate y contáctanos Te repito registrarse es gratis puedes contactarnos por Messenger o manda un email a [email protected] o si necesitas más información más información déjanos tu primer nombre, tu email y tu país
Recuerda es mejor haberlo intentado que vivir toda una vida de arrepentimiento o imaginando los resultados de aquella valiente acción que no realizaste.

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WorkFromHome #bitcoin #TRX #TRON #venezuela #Argentina #ecuador #uruguay #paraguay #chile #china #usa #españa #mexico #canada #américa #guatemala #salvador #Honduras #Nicaragua #CostaRica #belize #panama #colombia #bolivia

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I am a 23 year old guy. I have had sex with probably between 600 and 800 women.

I have had sex with 5 ex girlfriends.
I've also had sex with 6 girls that were on/off fwb type of thing.
And one girl I met at a bar that was a one night standard.
And I also estimate between 600 and 800 prostitutes.
I'm a US citizen, but my parents were military, so I grew up in the Phillipines. Prostitution is very common in the philipines (I lived in Subic Bay, which has a lot of prostitution, and is just an hour away from Angeles, which is arguably the second biggest sex-selling city in the world behind Bangkok.)
I've been entrepreneurial from a young age - at 13, I made a fortune from starting a website that made and sold MySpace skins. I had $300K in the bank by the time I hit 18, and nearly $800K by the time I finished college at 21. I think between the ages of 14-18 (when I moved to the USA for college), I had sex with probably 300 different women.
At college my sex life slowed down. I'd go crazy during spring break etc when I came back to the Phillipines, and I'd seriously fuck like 6 different women a day, but when in the US, it was a lot more boring.
I'm now a freelance software engineer that lives in Bangkok. I made good investments in cryptocurrency in 2012/2013. Sold off a good portion when Bitcoin hit $400, and more when it hit $800. I sold the rest of my holdings last week at ~$16Kish. Not trying to brag, just explaining how I have the time/money to bed so many women. I have sex once or twice a day on average, and try to get a new girl whenever I can. Bangkok and Pattaya have lots of options, but somewhere like Phuket has fewer prostitutes than you'd think.
I also travel around the world a lot - I've also slept with prostitutes in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, netherlands, Germany, etc.
Anyway, it's seriously fucking up my personal life. Believe it or not, if yoyu're dating a girl, she probably won't be too happy when you tell her you've had sex with close to 1000 hookers.
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FAQ About upcoming, bitcoin/US-friendly site Infiniti Poker

First, acquire your Bitcoin by setting yourself up with an e-wallet and then go to any 3rd party Bitcoin exchange to purchase whatever amount of Bitcoin you wish.
When you log into Infiniti Poker, click cashier and select the Bitcoin payment icon. Follow the steps to deposit your Bitcoin and your Infiniti Bankroll will be credited the equivalent value in our universal gaming currency (USD). Once funded, you can join any table and you will be playing against people all over the world who, while at the table, will be playing with the same gaming currency as you, however, if they are from outside the US, they may or may not have funded their bankrolls with Bitcoin but rather any of our other payment options.
No. Our software is 100% proprietary and we will function as an independent operator. As our software is very social media-centric, with unique interactive features such as our "Infinivision" tables, and also due to the fact that we are the only US friendly site that offers BOTH traditional and Bitcoin patment options, we will not be a candidate to become a part of the regular, run-of-the-mill networks out there. In fact, our mid-long term corporate goals include the establishment of our own "Infiniti Poker Network."
Infiniti Poker's operations will be conducted under a license granted within the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. As such, we will be largely self-regulated, however it is our intention shortly post-launch to acquire a "white label" licence in the jurisdiction of Malta.
Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Crad Stud, 7Card Stud Hi-Lo --The rest are a secret...stay tuned.
Go to and subscribe to our newsletter by clicking "Find Out More" and entering your email address in the provided field. You will automatically be sent a user name, password, and a link to our beta test website where you can download the software to participate in testing.
Parent company is based in Canada (Calgary) and operational company is based in Costa Rica.
When building a software platform from scratch, obstacles are unavoidable and testing of systems MUST be stringent in all areas including game functioning, back-end accounting, payment processing, security and fraud detection etc. This is done so that the best interest of our clients are placed in first priority. Fly-by-night operations would not take these sorts of measures which is why they come and go rapidly. Our position is simply that we would rather launch later under the proper certifications and due diligence, than launch sooner and risk a catastrophic system failure that could compromise our client's security, interests and confidence in our site.
Gavin is the captain of our sponsored pros. We are very proud to be associated with a WSOP bracelet winner and look forward to him continuing his successful Series (7th in Event 13 $5K Stud 8-or Better last night for $34K) wearing The Loop.
We will do our best to keep you informed (#inTheLoop) of our upcoming concentrated beta test events and site developments as we approach our official launch. For now, explore the beta and let us know what you would like to see on YOUR next future online poker home.
Many thanks,
Edwardo "Swag" Jackson
Social Media DirectoSponsored Pro
Infiniti Poker
Instagram: @infinitipoker
@SwagPoker (Twitter)
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Monero is a semi-finite resource, like land. If you own Monero, find out the equivalent of the network you own in terms of world land areas.

This is the Monero edition of the legendary topic by coastermonger which compared Bitcoin share to Earth's landmasses.
It's not quite the same because as we know Monero has infinite-emission (although very slowly), but here I will compare land mass to the initial issue of 18.4 million Monero. To arrive at these values I took the bitcoin equivalents and multiplied them by the ratio of (18.4/21) so they may be slightly off but should be in the right neighborhood.
Enjoy your daydreams of owning Cuba! :)
Land Monero Equivalent Sq. Km
Russia 2,063,846.23 16,377,742
Antarctica 1,764,214.34 14,000,000
China 1,175,270.45 9,326,410
United States 1,154,547.98 9,161,966
Canada 1,145,921.10 9,093,507
Brazil 1,066,141.82 8,460,415
Australia 961,946.06 7,633,565
India 360,910.49 2,864,021
Argentina 344,864.84 2,736,690
Kazakhstan 340,203.54 2,699,700
Algeria 300,135.83 2,381,741
Democratic Republic of the Congo 285,682.76 2,267,048
Greenland (Denmark) 272,960 2,166,086
Saudi Arabia 270,893.85 2,149,690
Mexico 244,966.83 1,943,945
Sudan 237,673.45 1,886,068
Indonesia 228,285.42 1,811,569
Libya 221,728.98 1,759,540
Mongolia 195,771.84 1,553,556
Iran 193,004.42 1,531,595
Peru 161,299.09 1,279,996
Niger 159,623.59 1,266,700
Chad 158,678.48 1,259,200
Angola 157,103.29 1,246,700
Mali 153,762.62 1,220,190
South Africa 153,041.82 1,214,470
Bolivia 136,512.51 1,083,301
Colombia 130,892.10 1,038,700
Mauritania 129,231.22 1,025,520
Ethiopia 126,015.31 1,000,000
Egypt 125,441.94 995,450
Nigeria 114,770.71 910,768
Tanzania 111,624.36 885,800
Venezuela 111,151.80 882,050
Pakistan 107,956.30 856,692
Namibia 103,747.14 823,290
Mozambique 99,095.92 786,380
Turkey 96,985.41 769,632
Chile 93,731.70 743,812
Zambia 93,679.53 743,398
Myanmar 82,352.02 653,508
Afghanistan 82,190.96 652,230
France 80,703.61 640,427
Somalia 79,054.07 627,337
Central African Republic 78,505.53 622,984
South Sudan 78,097.36 619,745
Madagascar 73,282.95 581,540
Kenya 71,720.35 569,140
Botswana 71,416.65 566,730
Ukraine 69,755.02 553,544
Yemen 66,532.05 527,968
Thailand 64,379.96 510,890
Spain 62,879.12 498,980
Cameroon 59,568.70 472,710
Turkmenistan 59,218.37 469,930
Papua New Guinea 57,067.29 452,860
Morocco 56,240.64 446,300
Iraq 55,114.94 437,367
Uzbekistan 53,606.92 425,400
Sweden 51,708.49 410,335
Paraguay 50,066.13 397,302
Zimbabwe 48,748.65 386,847
Japan 45,930.69 364,485
Germany 43,938.01 348,672
Republic of the Congo 43,034.23 341,500
Malaysia 41,536.28 329,613
Côte d'Ivoire 40,073.25 318,003
Poland 39,302.66 311,888
Vietnam 39,073.57 310,070
Oman 39,001.74 309,500
Norway 38,344.19 304,282
Finland 38,285.34 303,815
Philippines 37,574.62 298,175
Italy 37,066.14 294,140
Burkina Faso 34,502.99 273,800
Western Sahara 33,520.07 266,000
New Zealand 33,071.84 262,443
Gabon 32,469.99 257,667
Ecuador 32,306.42 256,369
Guinea 30,964.10 245,717
United Kingdom 30,486.88 241,930
Laos 29,084.33 230,800
Romania 28,969.78 229,891
Ghana 28,672.65 227,533
Belarus 25,568.50 202,900
Uganda 24,837.61 197,100
Guyana 24,805.99 196,849
Senegal 24,261.73 192,530
Kyrgyzstan 24,169.86 191,801
Syria 23,140.19 183,630
Cambodia 22,243.59 176,515
Uruguay 22,054.57 175,015
Suriname 19,658.39 156,000
Tunisia 19,577.74 155,360
Nepal 18,064.42 143,351
Tajikistan 17,832.43 141,510
Somaliland 17,339.71 137,600
Greece 16,463.53 130,647
Bangladesh 16,403.16 130,168
North Korea 15,173.25 120,408
Nicaragua 15,120.57 119,990
Honduras 14,099.85 111,890
Benin 13,940.07 110,622
Cuba 13,839 109,820
Bulgaria 13,671.28 108,489
Guatemala 13,503.67 107,159
Eritrea 12,727.54 101,000
Iceland 12,633.03 100,250
South Korea 12,590.06 99,909
Liberia 12,137.79 96,320
Malawi 11,855.52 94,080
Portugal 11,526.62 91,470
Hungary 11,291.98 89,608
Jordan 11,190.41 88,802
Serbia 11,120.35 88,246
Azerbaijan 10,849.92 86,100
United Arab Emirates 10,534.88 83,600
Austria 10,389.33 82,445
Czech Republic 9,734.30 77,247
Panama 9,367.98 74,340
Sierra Leone 9,025.22 71,620
Georgia 8,783.27 69,700
Republic of Ireland 8,680.31 68,883
Sri Lanka 7,905.19 62,732
Lithuania 7,898.64 62,680
Latvia 7,844.33 62,249
Svalbard (Norway) 7,818.62 62,045
Croatia 7,053.58 55,974
Togo 6,853.34 54,385
Bosnia and Herzegovina 6,450.35 51,187
Costa Rica 6,434.34 51,060
Dominican Republic 6,089.06 48,320
Slovakia 6,061.96 48,105
Denmark 5,347.33 42,434
Estonia 5,341.53 42,388
Switzerland 5,040.23 39,997
Bhutan 4,838.24 38,394
Netherlands 4,271.03 33,893
Moldova 4,144.77 32,891
Taiwan 4,065.25 32,260
Lesotho 3,825.19 30,355
Belgium 3,815.49 30,278
Armenia 3,760.68 29,843
Guinea-Bissau 3,543.55 28,120
Equatorial Guinea 3,534.85 28,051
Solomon Islands 3,526.66 27,986
Haiti 3,472.98 27,560
Albania 3,452.57 27,398
Burundi 3,236.08 25,680
Macedonia 3,204.95 25,433
Rwanda 3,108.55 24,668
Djibouti 2,921.03 23,180
Belize 2,873.90 22,806
El Salvador 2,611.16 20,721
Israel 2,561.89 20,330
Slovenia 2,539.33 20,151
New Caledonia (France) 2,302.93 18,275
Fiji 2,302.80 18,274
Kuwait 2,245.34 17,818
Swaziland 2,167.97 17,204
East Timor 1,874.35 14,874
Montenegro 1,695.16 13,452
Vanuatu 1,536 12,189
Falkland Islands (United Kingdom) 1,533.98 12,173
Qatar 1,460.01 11,586
Nagorno-Karabakh 1,443.88 11,458
Kosovo 1,374.58 10,908
Jamaica 1,364.87 10,831
Lebanon 1,289.14 10,230
Bahamas 1,261.41 10,010
Gambia 1,260.15 10,000
Cyprus 1,164.51 9,241
Puerto Rico (United States) 1,117.76 8,870
Abkhazia 1,091.29 8,660
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (France) 966.29 7,668
State of Palestine 710.73 5,640
Brunei 663.47 5,265
Trinidad and Tobago 646.21 5,128
Transnistria 524.60 4,163
Cape Verde 508.22 4,033
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands(United Kingdom) 491.84 3,903
South Ossetia 491.46 3,900
French Polynesia (France) 482.26 3,827
Samoa 355.49 2,821
Luxembourg 325.87 2,586
Mauritius 255.81 2,030
Comoros 234.64 1,862
Faroe Islands (Denmark) 175.54 1,393
Hong Kong (China) 132.82 1,054
São Tomé and Príncipe 121.47 964
Kiribati 102.19 811
Bahrain 96.40 765
Dominica 94.63 751
Tonga 90.35 717
Federated States of Micronesia 88.46 702
Singapore 86.58 687
Saint Lucia 76.36 606
Isle of Man (United Kingdom) 72.08 572
Guam (United States) 68.56 544
Andorra 58.97 468
Northern Mariana Islands (United States) 58.47 464
Palau 57.84 459
Seychelles 57.33 455
Curaçao (Netherlands) 55.95 444
Antigua and Barbuda 55.77 442.6
Barbados 54.31 431
Turks and Caicos Islands (United Kingdom) 54.19 430
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (Australia) 51.92 412
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 49.02 389
Jan Mayen (Norway) 47.51 377
U.S. Virgin Islands (United States) 43.60 346
Grenada 43.35 344
Malta 39.82 316
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha(United Kingdom) 38.82 308
Maldives 37.55 298
Cayman Islands (United Kingdom) 33.27 264
Saint Kitts and Nevis 32.89 261
Niue (New Zealand) 32.76 260
Akrotiri and Dhekelia (United Kingdom) 32.01 254
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France) 30.49 242
Cook Islands (New Zealand) 29.74 236
American Samoa (United States) 25.08 199
Marshall Islands 22.81 181
Aruba (Netherlands) 22.68 180
Liechtenstein 20.17 160
British Virgin Islands (United Kingdom) 19.03 151
Wallis and Futuna (France) 17.90 142
Christmas Island (Australia) 17.01 135
Grand Theft Auto V 15.99 126.9
Jersey (United Kingdom) 14.62 116
Montserrat (United Kingdom) 12.85 102
Anguilla (United Kingdom) 11.47 91
Guernsey (United Kingdom) 9.83 78
San Marino 7.69 61
British Indian Ocean Territory (United Kingdom) 7.56 60
Saint Martin (France) 6.86 54.4
Bermuda (United Kingdom) 6.81 54
Bouvet Island (Norway) 6.18 49
Pitcairn Islands (United Kingdom) 5.92 47
Skyrim 4.82 38.3
Norfolk Island (Australia) 4.54 36
Sint Maarten (Netherlands) 4.28 34
Macau (China) 3.56 28.2
Tuvalu 3.28 26
Saint Barthélemy (France) 3.15 25
United States Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges 2.82 22.41
Nauru 2.65 21
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia) 1.76 14
Tokelau (New Zealand) 1.52 12
Gibraltar (United Kingdom) 0.82 6.5
Wake Island (United States) 0.82 6.5
Clipperton Island (France) 0.75 6
Navassa Island (disputed) 0.68 5.4
Ashmore and Cartier Islands (Australia) 0.63 5
Spratly Islands (disputed) 0.61 4.9
Coral Sea Islands (Australia) 0.37 2.9
Monaco 0.25 2.02
Vatican City 0.05 0.44
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Costa Rican Eco Adventure ONE YEAR of Full Time Van Life  Canada to Costa Rica ... Christen Press bends dazzling goal past Costa Rica keeper ... Canopy / Zipline Tour CWC 2018: COSTA RICA vs CANADA Highlights - YouTube

Special fall prices on All-on-Four dental implants in Costa Rica James Madigan / Costa Rica Dental Guide - October 1, 2020. Dental patients from the USA and Canada are finally arriving back in Costa Rica after almost seven long months of… Best Place To Buy Bitcoin In Costa Rica. With over three million users, CEX.IO is the simplest and most popular exchange for citizens in Costa Rica to buy cryptocurrencies. The verification process on CEX.IO is quite extensive which makes it one of the most secure exchanges on the planet. Trade an extensive range of reputable coins on this world-renowned exchange, popular for its high liquidity and multi-language support. US residents: As of September 2019, US-based users can only trade USD on the American dollar onramp of Binance, Binance.US. UK residents: In addition to normal crypto trading services, Binance offers margin lending. Costa Rica does not consider Bitcoin legal tender like most nations, but it's legal for Costa Rican citizens to buy and sell the digital currency. There aren't a ton of exchanges available in Costa Rica, but Costa Rican citizens can still sign up with the most popular exchanges like Coinmama and eToro , two of the largest worldwide. Shakepay is a Montreal-based company that makes it easy for Canadians to buy bitcoin. Through web and mobile apps, customers can buy and sell bitcoin commission-free and pay their friends.

[index] [31856] [18467] [3643] [15962] [5030] [30833] [8831] [33922] [28699] [28632]

Costa Rican Eco Adventure

Costa Rica Vacation - The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD - Duration: 2:00. Costa Rican Vacations Recommended for you. 2:00. Top 10 Things to Do In Costa Rica - Duration: 2:16. 🌻 Canadá💕 🌻 Bolivia💕 🌻 Perú 💕 🌻 Rep. Dominicana💕 🌻 Costa Rica💕 🐇💕 💓 El Working Holiday Visa para costarricenses que quieren ir a Canadá, es una opción para todos aquellos que desean trabajar mientras viajan. Este tipo de visa... The real essence of enjoying an adrenaline-packed vacation in Costa Rica lies in participating in activities that come under various avatars of zip-line and canopy tour. This is among the most ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.