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I wrote an offline Bitcoin block explorer that loads data from Bitcoin Core and allows you to explore the blockchain on your PC

Dear /Bitcoin, I wrote a set of tools to import data from .bitcoin/blocks/blkXXXXX.dat files into databases and allow you to explore the blockchain on your own PC by running ad-hoc queries of all the main Bitcoin Core data structures including blocks, TX's, inputs, outputs, addresses and more.
It's written in C++ and uses Bitcoin Core itself to read the data, so it's always 100% compliant with the latest Bitcoin release. I abstracted away the database functions, so you can implement "drivers" for any other DB system. I've been playing with it on MySQL but perhaps others would prefer Neo4J or Cassandra for nosql graph analysis.
Once the data is loaded, you can run any database query against it.
I implemented a simple reference Python interface to it so you can play with the blockchain. I made this outer layer in Python but any other language can be easily plugged in, including big data analysis systems like Spark or Hadoop.
Some stuff you can do with it:
While loading the block files it does some additional work :
Addresses, TX's and all other data structures are decoded by Bitcoin Core itself. The C++ Toolbox links to Bitcoin Core and uses the canonical implementation, so the loaded data is accurate. The Python reference implementation is almost 100% independent from the C++ code (except for configuration code which shares the same parameters and config file as the C++ Toolbox).
Released under the MIT license.
I hope you like playing with it!


Announcement :
Docs :
Source code:
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BitShop 1.0.6v – Bitcoin Shop Script

What is BitShop
BitShop is a powerful PHP/MYSQL shop script which allows merchants to easily sell digital items such as software or codes, in return for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. BitShop is the #1 shop script for selling digital goods. It also powers the official BitShop website (screenshot above).
Fast and Simple
The checkout process is designed to be as simple and fast as possible. The buyer will go through an easy checkout process and they will receive the item instantly after the payment is confirmed. Multiple payment gateways, including Coinbase and GoCoin, can be enabled simultaneously.
Flexible and Modular
BitShop is designed with developers in mind. Unlike many other scripts, BitShop is extremely modular and offers developer flexibility. For example new payment gateways can easily be installed as self-contained modules and new themes can also be installed without overwriting other themes.
Dynamic and Responsive
BitShop makes use of the latest in web technology to provide a dynamic and responsive user experience. Built upon Bootstrap 2 and HTML5 Boilerplate, the BitShop script is fast and looks good on any platform. Witness the power of HTML5 and PHP (and a bit of JS and CSS of course).
Bootstrap Template
The default template used by BitShop is built around the Bootstrap 2 framework. If you visit WrapBootstrap or Bootswatch you can get custom made Bootstrap themes. This provides a great way to change the default theme but it’s also easy to remove Bootstrap and build a theme from scratch.
Powerful Admin Area
BitShop includes an administration area where it’s possible to manage your orders, products, vouchers, accounts, etc. BitShop supports a wide range of different methods for selling digital items such as files, keys, and gift codes. It now also includes basic support for selling physical items.
Regain Independence
The built-in payment gateway is fully customizable and uses multiple public block explorer API’s to handle payments. Addresses can be automatically generated on the fly or taken from a custom list. You can also run a bitcoin/altcoin daemon to directly process payments without a 3rd party.
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Dogevelopments: Neat recent projects that haven't gotten a lot of attention. I bet there's a few things here you haven't heard of.

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Amidst some recent talk of how this subreddit is slowing down, development of services on top of dogecoin is still alive and strong. No other altcoin (except maybe litecoin) has the amount of development framework, nor merchant adoption, nor community size and activity that we do. So, I've compiled a list of some neat dogecoin projects that I've seen over the past few months to prove it. I'm sure I've missed stuff myself, let me know in the comments so I can edit it in!
Cryptowoo. By DRDoGE1. The first thing I want to mention is cryptowoo. Now in the beta testing phase of development, it is primarily a plugin for wordpress which allows merchants and sellers to accept doge right on their website, confirm payment, and send confirmations to the customer and vendor alike. Here's the kicker, no third party payment processor required! This is the stuff cryptocurrency was made for, no more middleman taking a cut, just crypto directly from the customer to the merchant, all in a nice and easy to install package. It uses a combination of generated webwallets, the API, and autowithdraws to a local wallet address to accomplish this. Which brings me to the next project:,, and These guys are not new, everyone has heard of them, but regardless they deserve a shoutout for the continuing fantastic work they are doing. Our own dogecoin core developer patricklodder works on these three sites. offers the best in class web wallet security, with multi-sig addresses. Multi-sig means that both and you have to sign your transactions, making a web-wallet hack much harder than it used to be in the old dogevault days. is more than an awesome blockchain explorer, it's also a powerful API. You can use their diverse and well documented set of tools to build your own applications, much like Cryptowoo has done to build that plugin. Speaking of blockchain APIs, blockstrap is a relative newcomer in the field, running around reddit as blockstrap. They too offer a powerful suite of API commands to draw whatever information you need from the bit, lite, or doge blockchains. Their tools go a step further though, offering an HTML5 framework with prebuilt modules using their API calls to run on your website.
Coinleap. Just announced yesterday by bugnuker, this app sure does promise a lot. At its core, it's a web-wallet. But it's also an app with social features like sending to contacts, friends, and groups. It's also a platform, with yet another API, it promises to do SMS transactions, it even promises a debit card. Let's watch this one and see what actually gets delivered on it's public beta release on Feb 8. People are right to be skeptical of such big claims, but let's at least give them a chance on their launch (small amounts of coin people, it's a web-wallet).
TextDoge. Speaking of SMS transactions, this recent announcement by textdoge and ieaung is a sneak peak at a text tipping service for dogecoin. It's US only for the time being and hasn't had a full release yet, but this is one to keep an eye on for sure. Especially if we can get it to the billions of unbanked people in the world without much access to internet, but plenty of access to SMS.
SendChat. A messaging service (through the internet, not SMS) that allows tipping dogecoin to your friends you communicate with. It's also a wallet, and there is even talk of it becoming an exchange. It is the primary platform built by the devs of a different coin called SendCoin but it has also promised integrated doge. It's a crowdfunding effort, let's see where this lands.
Universal web forum tipping. Also announced yesterday by MachoSmurf, this open source PHP plugin for mysql webservers is pretty exciting to me. What it promises is any website with a sql database of users can load up this PHP script and add a few columns to the user database to give everyone a dogecoin address. The script also comes with tipping commands that those users can use to send each other doge. So yes, this is a plugin that any forum administrator can implement that will easily allow dogecoin tipping amongst the users. This could be big. Initial review of the code suggests it may have some security vulnerabilities. Let's hope they get that code up on github soon, have some security shibes audit it and get it working securely!
Toshi. Forked for doge by our own dogecoin core dev rnicoll, Toshi is an open source node built to power large scale web applications. It was developed by Coinbase as the platform their enterprise is built on top of. I'd be lying if I claimed I understood everything Toshi for dogecoin is capable of, but I'm pretty sure it opens up a world of possibilities. Think the power of the blockchain APIs mentioned previously, but instead of calling another server, all of that capability is right there on your own server.
Doughwallet. Finally, a native iOS mobile wallet with privkeys stored locally on your device for dogecoin! Based on Breadwallet for bitcoin, and ported to doge by peritus1000, this has been a long time coming. Now when your friend with an iPhone asks how to store their doge, you don't have to recommend a risky web-wallet!
Coinomi. Another mobile wallet, developed by gidze, this time for android, and this time with support for lots of coins, all with the privkeys stored locally on your device. I wanted to describe one neat thing you can do with this that shibes might not realize. Nubits are supported by this wallet, which is a newcomer crypto that has it's price pegged at $1 and backed by NuShares. Nubits can also be easily traded for doge (and vice versa) on, which is by now a well known coin switching service. Next time you feel in your gut that dogecoin price is going to crash, try trading them out for Nubits on Shapeshift, sent to your Coinomi wallet. When the price is bottomed out, trade the Nubits back for even more doge than you had before! It's a way of exchanging for USD, without having to provide personal info and bank accounts, and without having to store it in an exchange. Nubits+coinomi+shapeshift really lowers the entry bar for new traders, imo.
Koinyx. A new exchange that hasn't yet opened it's doors, CEO'd by therealmage, a director of the Litecoin Association (AKA TheMage / Andrew Vegetabile). It promises to be the first exchange regulated in the USA to offer full dogecoin trading pairs. Incorporating fiat is on its roadmap. It’s current announcement/news thread is located here on
Dogelisten. Lastly, for your enjoyment and as a thank you for reading this far, please check out dogelisten, forked from bitlisten by our own dogecoin core lead developer langer_hans. This cool app visualizes dogecoin blockchain transactions as they happen in real time, using the API! Such wow :)
/dogecoin - We'll try to keep the CSS and everything else much wow. BTW, there's still an easter egg that, to my knowledge, only one shibe has found.
Dogecoin is alive and strong shibes! Again, let me know in the comments what I've missed :)
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ANN: Arionum (ARO)

We would like to proudly announce Arionum, a new cryptocurrency built from scratch!
Arionum was designed with the future in mind, in a market where the growth beats all expectations. Arionum aims to offer a secure electronic payments system that is able to scale without a degraded performance or a degraded user experience. It offers a fixed 0.25% fee on all transactions and it has a dynamic transaction limit per block, allowing it to keep up with a growing number of transactions at all times.
One of the main advantages of Arionum is that it was fully written from scratch in PHP, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. While php is not as fast as c++. for example, the high number of developers that can easily understand and develop PHP and the Arionum compensates for this. The main inspiration has been Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoin white paper, but all the code has been thought and written by the developers to keep it's originality.
Arionum has been thought as a democratic and egalitarian coin, having no pre-mined coins, long mining period, no developer fees and an algorithm that advantages the average user with available CPU resources rather than mining farms.
Original Announcement:
Name: Arionum
Symbol: ARO
Block time: ~ 4 minutes
Mining reward: Starts at 1000 and decreases by 10 each 10800 blocks
Mining time: 8 years and 4 months
Premine: NO Premine
Transaction fee: Always 0.25%
Block Hash: sha512
Mining algorithm: Argon2i + SHA512
Total coin supply: 545.399.000
Signature Algorithm: ECDSA's secp256k1 curve
DB Backend: MySQL / MariaDB
Download links
Official links
Official website:
Block explorer:
Social networking
Official Pool:
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Linux Apache MySQL PHP + Bitcoin tutorial. For this introduction we assume that you have GNU/Linux server with Apache and PHP and that you wish to interact with the Bitcoin network from a web application. We assume some knowledge of Bitcoin and experience in PHP. While this is written for PHP, the same principles apply for other languages. Database-free, self-hosted Bitcoin explorer, via RPC to Bitcoin Core. - janoside/btc-rpc-explorer The most popular and trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine. Bitcoin Address Generator is the ultimate tool for generating single and bulk bitcoin addresses, generate mnemonic seed phrase, check private keys with corresponding bitcoin addresses, view details and derived addresses from bip39 mnemonic seeds, create printable paper wallets, etc Blockchain Explorer. A blockchain explorer is an online webpage similar to Mozilla and Google Chrome, which allows users to browse and explore information about blockchain technology. All bitcoin and ether users depend on blockchain explorer to manage their records and transactions. It allows users to explore the entire blockchain platform that clients are using.

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How to start mining Bitcoin Interest (BCI) on pool with AMD GPU's

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