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How to make speculative chart, first few minutes is slow but gets going after (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Bitcoin sinks to 4-week low amid bearish chart, speculation on China crackdown on cryptos

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Bitcoin sinks to 4-week low amid bearish chart, speculation on China crackdown on cryptos

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How to Speculate Bitcoin Price with Charts

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Bitcoin in now at that point in a speculative bubble where r/bitcoin asks itself if we are in a speculative bubble. (Hype cycle and rainbow charts coming soon)

Bitcoin in now at that point in a speculative bubble where bitcoin asks itself if we are in a speculative bubble. (Hype cycle and rainbow charts coming soon) submitted by teckers to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

Slow ICO vs Ninja ICO: combating speculations – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis

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Want to post about the price of bitcoin, where the price will go, whats happening with the price? Charts? Speculation? Trading info? Great! Theres a sub for that /r/Bitcoin

Want to post about the price of bitcoin, where the price will go, whats happening with the price? Charts? Speculation? Trading info? Great! Theres a sub for that /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Want to post about the price of bitcoin, where the price will go, what’s happening with the price? Charts? Speculation? Trading info? Great! There’s a sub for that

It’s called /BitcoinMarkets
You’ll love it. Check it out! It’s the appropriate place for market discussion, so please direct your market related posts there. Thank you!
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Short term trading aside, there might be a comparison to be made with the long term gold chart to bitcoin. (Highly speculative)

Thought it would be worth it to have a discussion about this similarity I found between gold and bitcoin. I wanted to see how markets behave after following certain cycles over long periods so here it goes.
Once again this is highly speculative. This is just to compare bitcoin with another commodity to get an idea of where it could be headed in the long term.
Chart 1: Log scale of Gold showing certain areas of interest where bitcoin behaved in a similar way. (cut off before the year 2009 to get a close view)
Chart 2: Log scale of Bitcoin just as a reference. (Mt.Gox chart is used since it had a market dominance for a longer time than others)
Chart 3: What followed after the second cycle ended in 2008
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Veteran Gold Analyst: Bitcoin is a ‘Speculative Investment’ – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis

Veteran Gold Analyst: Bitcoin is a ‘Speculative Investment’ – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis submitted by bitnewsbot to bitnewsbot [link] [comments]

Australia's Central Bank Governor: Bitcoin 'Feels Like a Speculative Mania' – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis

Australia's Central Bank Governor: Bitcoin 'Feels Like a Speculative Mania' – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis submitted by bitnewsbot to bitnewsbot [link] [comments]

Speculation • Use this chart to compare the Bitcoin price to News events

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Is there any chart/stat that tries to sift out Bitcoin transaction volume for actual goods and services from currency speculation and trades?

I'm curious if there's a way to track the commercial market from the speculation market.
Anyone seen anything that at least takes a stab at it?
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Speculation • November 2013 - 2015 bitcoin charts awesome

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2 Charts - S&P 500 in 2015, the other, Bitcoin, same window. Which is more speculative/volatile? :)

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Is this a great delusion or am I missing something?

Hey guys,
Been closely following the market throughout the last few months and it feels like I'm watching a movie or something.
Don't get me wrong, I am a hodler and understand the mechanics of BTC, but I also don't believe in decoupling of BTC from the stock market (as it's clear, BTC growing chart is tightly related to the s&p growth). Which leads me to a thought that this entire show we're witnessing right now is nothing but either a great delusion or a deliberate pump before a massive dump.
Fundamentals are simply not here, economy is simply not running. What is happening?
Does anyone have the same feeling about it?
Interested to hear your opinion about it.
p.s. all these memes are becoming slightly annoying, it feels like BTC has become a pure speculative asset and the only purpose of the majority of posters here is to cause FOMO in public.
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DDDD - The Rise of “Buy the Dip” Retail Investors and Why Another Crash Is Imminent

DDDD - The Rise of “Buy the Dip” Retail Investors and Why Another Crash Is Imminent
In this week's edition of DDDD (Data-driven DD), I'll be going over the real reason why we have been seeing a rally for the past few weeks, defying all logic and fundamentals - retail investors. We'll look into several data sets to see how retail interest in stock markets have reached record levels in the past few weeks, how this affected stock prices, and why we've most likely seen the top at this point, unless we see one of the "positive catalysts" that I mentioned in my previous post, which is unlikely (except for more news about Remdesivir).
Disclaimer - This is not financial advice, and a lot of the content below is my personal opinion. In fact, the numbers, facts, or explanations presented below could be wrong and be made up. Don't buy random options because some person on the internet says so; look at what happened to all the SPY 220p 4/17 bag holders. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions on what you should do with your own money, and how levered you want to be based on your personal risk tolerance.
Most people who know me personally know that I spend an unhealthy amount of my free time in finance and trading as a hobby, even competing in paper options trading competitions when I was in high school. A few weeks ago, I had a friend ask if he could call me because he just installed Robinhood and wanted to buy SPY puts after seeing everyone on wallstreetbets post gains posts from all the tendies they’ve made from their SPY puts. The problem was, he actually didn’t understand how options worked at all, and needed a thorough explanation about how options are priced, what strike prices and expiration dates mean, and what the right strategy to buying options are. That’s how I knew we were at the euphoria stage of buying SPY puts - it’s when dumb money starts to pour in, and people start buying securities because they see everyone else making money and they want in, even if they have no idea what they’re buying, and price becomes dislocated from fundementals. Sure enough, less than a week later, we started the bull rally that we are currently in. Bubbles are formed when people buy something not because of logic or even gut feeling, but when people who previously weren’t involved see their dumb neighbors make tons of money from it, and they don’t want to miss out.
A few days ago, I started getting questions from other friends about what stocks they should buy and if I thought something was a good investment. That inspired me to dig a bit deeper to see how many other people are thinking the same thing.
Ever since March, we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of money pour into the stock market from retail investors.
Google Search Trends
\"what stock should I buy\" Google Trends 2004 - 2020
\"what stock should I buy\" Google Trends 12 months
\"stocks\" Google Trends 2004 - 2020
\"stocks\" Google Trends 12 months
Brokerage data
Robinhood SPY holders
\"Robinhood\" Google Trends 12 months
wallstreetbets' favorite broker Google Trends 12 months
Excerpt from E*Trade earnings statement
Excerpt from Schwab earnings statement
TD Ameritrade Excerpt
cnbc.com Alexa rank
CNBC viewership & rankings
wallstreetbets comments / day

investing comments / day
What we can see from Reddit numbers, Google Trends, and CNBC stats is that in between the first week of March and first week of April, we see a massive inflow of retail interest in the stock market. Not only that, but this inflow of interest is coming from all age cohorts, from internet-using Zoomers to TV-watching Boomers. Robinhood SPY holdings and earnings reports from E*Trade, TD Ameritrade, and Schwab have also all confirmed record numbers of new clients, number of trades, and assets. There’s something interesting going on if you look closer at the numbers. The numbers growth in brokers for designed for “less sophisticated” investors (i.e. Robinhood and E*Trade) are much larger than for real brokers (i.e. Schwab and Ameritrade). This implies that the record number of new users and trade volume is coming from dumb money. The numbers shown here only really apply to the US and Canada, but there’s also data to suggest that there’s also record numbers of foreign investors pouring money into the US stock market as well.
However, after the third week of March, we see the interest start to slowly decline and plateau, indicating that we probably have seen most of those new investors who wanted to have a long position in the market do so.
SPX daily
Pretty much everything past this point is purely speculation, and isn’t really backed up by any solid data so take whatever I say here with a cup of salt. We could see from the graph that new investor interest started with the first bull trap we saw in the initial decline from early March, and peaking right after the end of the crash in March. So it would be fair to guess that we’re seeing a record amount of interest in the stock market from a “buy the dip” mentality, especially from Robinhood-using Millennials. Here’s a few points on my rationalization of this behavior, based on very weak anecdotal evidence
  • They missed out of their chance of getting in the stock market at the start of the bull market that happened at the end of 2009
  • They’ve all seen the stock market make record gains throughout their adult lives, but believing that the market might be overheated, they were waiting for a crash
  • Most of them have gotten towards the stage of their lives where they actually have some savings and can finally put some money aside for investments
  • This stock market crash seems like their once-in-a-decade opportunity that they’ve been waiting for, so everyone jumped in
  • Everyone’s stuck at their homes with vast amounts of unexpected free time on their hands
Most of these new investors got their first taste in the market near the bottom, and probably made some nice returns. Of course, since they didn’t know what they were doing, they probably put a very small amount of money at first, but after seeing a 10% return over one week, validating that maybe they do know something, they decide to slowly pour in more and more of their life savings. That’s what’s been fueling this bull market.
Sentiment & Magic Crayons
As I mentioned previously, this bull rally will keep going until enough bears convert to bulls. Markets go up when the amount of new bullish positions outnumber the amount of new bearish positions, and vice versa. Record amounts of new investors, who previously never held a position in the market before, fueled the bullish side of this equation, despite all the negative data that has come out and dislocating the price from fundamentals. All the smart money that was shorting the markets saw this happening, and flipped to become bulls because you don’t fight the trend, even if the trend doesn’t reflect reality.
From the data shown above, we can see new investor interest growth has started declining since mid March and started stagnating in early April. The declining volume in SPY since mid-March confirms this. That means, once the sentiment of the new retail investors starts to turn bearish, and everyone figures out how much the stocks they’re holding are really worth, another sell-off will begin. I’ve seen something very similar to this a few years ago with Bitcoin. Near the end of 2017, Bitcoin started to become mainstream and saw a flood of retail investors suddenly signing up for Coinbase (i.e. Robinhood) accounts and buying Bitcoin without actually understanding what it is and how it works. Suddenly everyone, from co-workers to grandparents, starts talking about Bitcoin and might have thrown a few thousand dollars into it. This appears to be a very similar parallel to what’s going on right now. Of course there’s differences here in that equities have an intrinsic value, although many of them have gone way above what they should be intrinsically worth, and the vast majority of retail investors don’t understand how to value companies. Then, during December, when people started thinking that the market was getting a bit overheated, some started taking their profits, and that’s when the prices crashed violently. This flip in sentiment now look like it has started with equities.
SPY daily
Technical Analysis, or magic crayons, is a discipline in finance that uses statistical analysis to predict market trends based on market sentiment. Of course, a lot of this is hand-wavy and is very subjective; two people doing TA on the same price history can end up getting opposite results, so TA should always be taken with a grain of salt and ideally be backed with underlying justification and not be blindly followed. In fact, I’ve since corrected the ascending wedge I had on SPY since my last post since this new wedge is a better fit for the new trading data.
There’s a few things going on in this chart. The entire bull rally we’ve had since the lows can be modelled using a rising wedge. This is a pattern where there is a convergence of a rising support and resistance trendline, along with falling volume. This indicates a slow decline in net bullish sentiment with investors, with smaller and smaller upside after each bounce off the support until it hits a resistance. The smaller the bounces, the less bullish investors are. When the bearish sentiment takes over across investors, the price breaks below this wedge - a breakdown, and indicates a start of another downtrend.
This happened when the wedge hit resistance at around 293, which is around the same price as the 200 day moving average, the 62% retracement (considered to be the upper bound of a bull trap), and a price level that acted as a support and resistance throughout 2019. The fact that it gapped down to break this wedge is also a strong signal, indicating a sudden swing in investor sentiment overnight. The volume of the break down also broke the downwards trend of volume we’ve had since the beginning of the bull rally, indicating a sudden surge of people selling their shares. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we will go straight from here, and I personally think that we will see the completion of a heads-and-shoulders pattern complete before SPY goes below 274, which in itself is a strong support level. In other words, SPY might go from 282 -> 274 -> 284 -> 274 before breaking the 274 support level.
VIX Daily
Doing TA is already sketchy, and doing TA on something like VIX is even more sketchy, but I found this interesting so I’ll mention it. Since the start of the bull rally, we’ve had VIX inside a descending channel. With the breakdown we had in SPY yesterday, VIX has also gapped up to have a breakout from this channel, indicating that we may see future volatility in the next week or so.
Putting Everything Together
Finally, we get to my thesis. This entire bull rally has been fueled by new retail investors buying the dip, bringing the stock price to euphoric levels. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing the people waiting at the sidelines for years to get into the stock market slowly FOMO into the rally in smaller and smaller volumes, while the smart money have been locking in their profits at an even slower rate - hence an ascending wedge. As the amount of new retail interest in the stock market started slowed down, the amount of new bulls started to decline. It looks like Friday might have been the start of the bearish sentiment taking over, meaning it’s likely that 293 was the top, unless any significant bullish events happen in the next two weeks like a fourth round of stimulus, in which case we might see 300. This doesn’t mean we’ll instantly go back to circuit breakers on Monday, and we might see 282 -> 274 -> 284 -> 274 happen before panic, this time by the first-time investors, eventually bringing us down towards SPY 180.
tldr; we've reached the top
EDIT - I'll keep a my live thoughts here as we move throughout this week in case anyone's still reading this and interested.
5/4 8PM - /ES was red last night but steadily climbed, which was expected since 1h RSI was borderline oversold, leaving us to a slightly green day. /ES looks like it has momentum going up, but is approaching towards overbought territory now. Expecting it to go towards 284 (possibly where we'll open tomorrow) and bouncing back down from that price level
5/5 Market Open - Well there goes my price target. I guess at this point it might go up to 293 again, but will need a lot of momentum to push back there to 300. Seems like this is being driven by oil prices skyrocketing.
5/5 3:50PM - Volume for the upwards price action had very little volume behind it. Seeing a selloff EOD today, could go either way although I have a bearish bias. Going to hold cash until it goes towards one end of the 274-293 channel (see last week's thesis). Still believe that we will see it drop below 274 next week, but we might be moving sideways in the channel this week and a bit of next week before that happens. Plan for tomorrow is buy short dated puts if open < 285. Otherwise, wait till it goes to 293 before buying those puts
5/5 6PM - What we saw today could be a false breakout above 284. Need tomorrow to open below 285 for that to be confirmed. If so, my original thesis of it going back down to 274 before bouncing back up will still be in play.
5/6 EOD - Wasn't a false breakout. Looks like it's still forming the head-and-shoulders pattern mentioned before, but 288 instead of 284 as the level. Still not sure yet so I'm personally going to be holding cash and waiting this out for the next few days. Will enter into short positions if we either go near 293 again or drop below 270. Might look into VIX calls if VIX goes down near 30.
5/7 Market Open - Still waiting. If we break 289 we're probably heading to 293. I'll make my entry to short positions when we hit that a second time. There's very little bullish momentum left (see MACD 1D), so if we hit 293 and then drop back down, we'll have a MACD crossover event which many traders and algos use as a sell signal. Oil is doing some weird shit.
5/7 Noon - Looks like we're headed to 293. Picked up VIX 32.5c 5/27 since VIX is near 30.
5/7 11PM - /ES is hovering right above 2910, with 4h and 1h charts are bullish from MACD and 1h is almost overbought in RSI. Unless something dramatic happens we'll probably hit near 293 tomorrow, which is where I'll get some SPY puts. We might drop down before ever touching it, or go all the way to 295 (like last time) during the day, but expecting it to close at or below 293. After that I'm expecting a gap down Monday as we start the final leg down next week towards 274. Expecting 1D MACD to crossover in the final leg down, which will be a signal for bears to take over and institutions / day traders will start selling again
5/8 Market Open - Plan is to wait till a good entry today, either when technicals looks good or we hit 293, and then buy some SPY June 285p and July 275p
5/8 Noon - Everything still going according to plan. Most likely going to slowly inch towards 293 by EOD. Will probably pick up SPY puts and more VIX calls at power hour (3 - 4PM). Monday will probably gap down, although there's a small chance of one more green / sideways day before that happens if we have bullish catalysts on the weekend.
5/8 3:55PM - SPY at 292.60. This is probably going to be the closest we get to 293. Bought SPY 290-260 6/19 debit spreads and 292-272 5/15 debit spreads, as well as doubling down on VIX calls from yesterday, decreasing my cost basis. Still looks like there's room for one more green day on Monday, so I left some money on the side to double down if that's the case, although it's more likely than not we won't get there.
5/8 EOD - Looks like we barely touched 293 exactly AH before rebounding down. Too bad you can't buy options AH, but more convinced we'll see a gap down on Monday. Going to work on another post over the weekend and do my updates there. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Cryptocurrrencies like bitcoins are represented by 2nd or 4th house? Or some other house?

2nd house is the house of moveable wealth. Which clearly bitcoin is. But there are lots of people with their wealth stored in bitcoins, which isn't going to be moved for a very long period of time. So that makes it immovable asset? Anyone who has done readings for bitcoins or any cryptocurrencies, please shed some light.
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IOTA won't break out until we see real adoption

It should be clear by now to pretty much everyone that IOTA is a bit... 'different'. Good news that would send any moonboy's pick to the moon either does nothing or tanks it, it's well below projects that are 100% provable scams/vaporware and it's one of the few projects with actual corporate interest behind it.
Until we see the 2.0 "Honey" mainnet live, IOTA will remain asleep. Even after that, IOTA probably won't soar to Ethereum or Bitcoin levels (unless those crash significantly, bridging the gap that way) because speculation levels are relatively low: how do you explain to an idiot with charts in their eyes what IOTA is trying to accomplish?
I'm not revising my initial estimates of $300-500/MIOTA over the long-term, however I don't think we'll hit that until close to 2030+. I also think it will be a slow rise, with a gruesome decoupling from BTC/ETH due to standardization and the first production solutions. Hopefully after that the entire crypto market collapses on itself, having already become a $200B+ bubble with a real value measured in handful of pennies.
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Bitcoin looks very interesting this week. Are you going to play?

Bitcoin looks to be trying to breakout of a 3 year long symmetrical triangle, and according to TA theory this puts BTC at a target of around 40k over the next few years. Couple that with metals rallying, bitcoin could see an explosion far bigger than anticipated.
Bitcoin looks really good right now fundamentally. With the digitization of banking, bitcoin fundamentals favor more in the 21st century than that of metals. Bitcoin is easily divisible, more portable, and more compatible with modern technology. Bitcoin's chart has been far more sideways than the BTCUSD chart implies since it's halving, much of the perceived volatility has been actually just volatility in USD. Actually the last 400 days on the bitcoin chart kinda just looks like silver's chart if you compare them. Of course with bitcoin the biggest obstacle is adoption among institutions, because gold and silver are only valuable because they are accepted. Bitcoin is more of a speculation until it's more widely accepted.
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Russian bankers about bitcoin. Bitcoin in Russia.

Russian bankers about bitcoin. Bitcoin in Russia.


This image was found in the largest Russian Bank`s "Sberbank" app.

There are "stories" in that app like in instagram, where the Bank tells about financial literacy, how not to become deceived by fraudsters, and post advertising.


Bitcoin is not a currency, but speculation
The price of bitcoin can change by tens of percent per day. Due to its unpredictability, it is unlikely to become a popular means of payment and a way to save capital. These are the functions that money performs.
Cryptocurrencies do not have a legal status in Russia, and when you exchange cryptocurrencies for national currency, banks block user accounts in accordance with the law "on countering the financing of terrorism and laundering"

Percents of inflation in russia by years (values may be underestimated by the government ):

Rub to usd chart for last years (the national currency always is falling in value) :
In 2014 the national currency fell by almost 15-20% a day
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Slowish Up Day

For Trading September 10th
Kinda Boring Day
Nothing Exceptional
Is TIK TOK Really a Deal?
Today’s market started without a lot of market moving news, although the futures were higher as European markets shrugged off the overnight weakness that carried over to Asia and was higher. The JOLTs # came in at 6.615 million, above the 5.9 expected and there was also a slight revision higher for last month. The market actually had good reason to go lower again with the Astra Zenaca’s news on their vaccine trial, the lack of any stimulus action, and the lack of demand in airline travel. But it didn’t, and although we were higher all day, the volume was week and the A/D’s were nothing to write home about. The DJIA was +439.58 (1.6%) but was up over 700 but the last 30 minutes saw it fall back, NASDAQ +293.87 (2.7%), S&P 500 +67.12 (2%), the Russell +21.,89 (1.45%), and DJ Transports +164.11 (1.5%). The DJIA was exactly the opposite of yesterday with 26 higher and 4 down. The biggest winners were MSFT +57, HD +52, UNH +33 and AAPL +30 DPs and there were no double-digit losers.
Tomorrow we have Initial and continuing claims. Our “open forum” on Discord, which allows me to interact with subscribers and others to allow direct questions and chart opinions on just about any stock, continues to grow with more participants every day. It is informative and allows me to share insights as the market is open and moving. The link is: https://discord.gg/ATvC7YZ and I will be there and active from before the open and all day. It’s a great place to share ideas and gain some insights, and we’ve grown to almost 3000 members. I also returned to my radio show today with a great live interview with the Chief Medical Officer of JANONE (JAN) and it was a great show. This is the link to the audio recording including my discussion of the market and the very exciting story of JAN’s phenomenal NON-OPIOID Pain Med! This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCFCxnijFO4 Enjoy!! TODAY’S RADIO SHOW: https://youtu.be/DK2hmC0GXFk With my guest: Dennis Marlow! Tonight’s closing comment video: https://youtu.be/bRFoE2jG1B8
SECTORS: We started off the day yesterday with GM taking a $2Billion stake in NKLA and NKLA planning to utilize the GM factories to build their “prospective” pickup truck. Both stocks were higher with NKLA gapping up to open $46.00 and trading as high as $54.56 and closing $50.05 +14.50 (40%), while GM opened $31.55, trading $33.33 and closing $32.38 +2.38 (7.93%). Today they figured out that an upstart with no experience and an old-line auto manufacturer that spend the last 3 decades doing poorly and eliminating several of their lines of business might not be all rainbows and lollipops and sent NKLA back in the opposite direction, losing a touch over half and closing $42.37 -7.68 (15.34%). GM fared better losing only a fraction. LULU posted solid earnings growth and a beat on both earnings and revenues, but it just wasn’t enough as the stock which closed $349.80 -11.61 but then fell to $324 and it was $329.50 -31.91 (8.83%). Today it fell to $315.25 and finished $323.93 -25.87 (7.4%). Slack did a little better and finished $25.24 -4.06, about $2.00 higher than it was trading in after-hours. Today’s action in TIF was not as bad as I would have expected with LVMH calling off their engagement based on some BS order from a government agency that said they should “postpone the marriage” until next year (long passed the agreed date) and essentially violating the agreement. Stay tuned for the lawyers’ statements on both sides. And the big winner was Intra-cellular Therapies, ITCI who had solid topline results for its Bi-polar drug and the stock closed yesterday $18.43 and after trading $42.99 in the pre-market it opened $31.15, traded to $33.74 and closed the day $31.86 +13.43 (72.87%). We also had news late this afternoon that there may be some room for negotiation with the powers that be, to find another way to deal with a deal that DOES NOT involve a sale of TIK TOK. So, does that mean that MSFT, WMT, CRM and any others give back the out-sized gains on the speculation that they were going to own it??
FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN was HIGHER with TSN -.33, BGS +.84, FLO +.20, CPB +.38, CAG +.87, MDLZ +1.11, KHC -.01, CALM -.12, JJSF -1.04, SAFM -.59, HRL +.42, SJM +1.60, PPC +.02, KR +.83, and PBJ $33.69 +.62 (1.88%).
BIOPHARMA was HIGHER with BIIB +4.10, ABBV +1.51, REGN +9.26, ISRG +25.31, GILD +.32, MYL -.39, TEVA +.07, VRTX +4.43, BHC +.27, INCY +1.65, ICPT _+.18, LABU +2.85, and IBB $129.36 +2.48 (1.95%). CANNABIS: was HIGHER with TLRY +.06, CGC +.81, CRON +.11, GWPH +1.37, ACB +.04, NBEV +.03, CURLF +.04, KERN +.08, and MJ $11.75 +.44 (3.89%).
DEFENSE: was HIGHER with LMT +6.77, GD -.76, TXT +.26, NOC +4.85, BWXT +1.09, TDY -.42, RTX +.65, and ITA $162.42 +.28 (.17%).
RETAIL: was LOWER with M -.06, JWN -.72, KSS -.15, DDS -.04, WMT +2.24, TGT +3.99, TJX -.49, RL -1.55, UAA -.35, LULU -22.80 (6.52%), TPR -.30, CPRI1.41 (7.89%), and XRT $51.27 +1.09 (2.17%).
FAANG and Big Cap: were HIGHER with GOOGL +29.40, AMZN +124.21, AAPL +5.69, FB +3.84, NFLX -4.27, NVDA +37.73 (7.92%), TSLA +44.73 (13.55%), BABA +4.32, BIDU +.02, CRM +11.73, BA +.42, CAT +4.87, DIS -.30, and XLK $117.33 +4.55 (4.03%). PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE PRICES ARE LATE MARKET QUOTES AND DO NOT REPRESENT THE 4:00 CLOSES.
FINANCIALS were HIGHER with GS +1.02, JPM +1.33, BAC +.13, MS +1.08, C +.50, PNC -.39, AIG +.28, TRV +.92, AXP +.11, V +4.77, and XLF $24.89 +.25 (1.01%).
OIL, $38.05 +1.29. Oil was higher in today’s trading and drifted all day. I am looking for about another $1.00 or so before I would consider buying it for a bounce. Nat Gas was unchanged at $2.406 and closed a gap left on the upside that occurred when we were long last month. I was looking at UNG (NG ETF) as a proxy to get long and we bought the UNG 10/16 $14 calls @ $ .57 today.
GOLD $1,954.90 + 11.70, sold off early but didn’t break below the $1905 area I am using as support. It turned back and rallied and closed right near the highs. I did a short update video today: https://youtu.be/KJgk-wmVJ4U I am still a bull on the metal, and we have a September bull call spread on using NEM 65/70 calls with a cost of $1.45, which closed today @ $2.76, and we also added some October 70’s at $1.65 which closed $2.85.
BITCOIN: closed $10,320 +305. After breaking out over $10,000 we have had a “running correction” pushing prices toward $12,000, reaching a recovery high of $12220 Thursday, and after a day of rest in between, we resumed the rally touching $12,635, but have sold off back to support. We had 750 shares of GBTC and sold off 250 last week at $13.93 and still have 500 with a cost of $8.45. GBTC closed $11.52 +.42 today.
Tomorrow is another day.
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Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash technical analysis & speculation

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