DunneCapital ( Mimex ) IPO on

DunneCapital is currently working on Mimex, the first bitcoin exchange with direct access to the UK banking system. This provides a distinctive advantage to other companies, as transfers in the UK are instant – and free.
The exchange is approximately two months from launch, and is raising additional funding for development of core infrastructure. In order to do this an IPO is beginning today at 0.008btc per share, and shortly before launch a second IPO will be announced at a higher price, which shall be used to provide liquidity.
More information is available on the stock’s page.
Symbol: DUN
DunneCapital Shares
Available Shares:
100,000 Total (One Hundred Thousand) 3,000 (Three Thousand) Investors 97,000 (Ninety-Seven Thousand) Company: DunneCapital LTD.
Dividend per Share : 0.001% Dividend payout : 15th of the month / for the last month
Investor Info:
Sign up on to buy “DUN” shares
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